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Human and Organizational Development

Human and Organizational Development focuses on developing the skills and capabilities of employees, as well as organizations, to prepare them for future challenges, responsibilities, and assigned roles.

WBN's specialized HR professionals will provide the required assessments and support for our clients to increase effectiveness through planned change in processes and systems.

Organizations certainly invest in experienced minds to guide their brands, products and services onward and upward – here’s where our technical, marketing and business minds will help you avoid the business world’s many pitfalls.

As a business leader, WBN is your greatest ally in recruiting, developing and retaining your most valuable assets. Our credential institutions and network of specialized professionals are fully equipped to provide all the necessary requirements of human capital to improve any work environment.


Training and Development Scope:

People enjoy learning when the material is relevant to their interests, as many are eager to apply their new skills and knowledge in real, practical situations. Employees that possess diverse skills are generally more satisfied and proactive in their jobs. WBN believes that applying this philosophy will surely decrease the occurrence of work-related stress and improves the overall work environment.

By investing in their training, employees not only feel that their employer has the confidence in them to do their job, but also that the business values them and gives them something is return, other than wages or salaries. Accordingly employees will become self-starters and develop further competencies, such as leadership and team building and will be more willing to undertake further training.


WBN provides a wide range of educational and training courses in partnership with the leading institutions that have credential reputation in the MENA region.

  • Managerial Skills

  • Interpersonal and Soft Skills

  • Logistics

  • Quality Management

  • Risk Management

  • Environmental

  • HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment)

  • Fire Fighting

  • First Aid

  • ICT

  • Security Professional Diploma

  • Ethical Hacking Program

  • Accounting and Finance